About Us

The Penang International Food Festival (PIFF) is an annual festival held in Penang to promote the state as the food paradise of Asia, drawing foodies the world over for a gastronomic feast of Penang’s culinary scene, its rich cuisine shaped by the state’s many cultures.

Endorsed by the Penang State Government with the support of the Penang Island City Council and Penang Global Tourism, PIFF made its debut in 2017, attracting some 400,000 hungry food lovers.

Since then, PIFF added a spin-off event of its own five months later; the Penang Street Food Festival (PSFF).

While PIFF is a 16-day long culinary adventure that aims to celebrate the diversity of delicacies worldwide and the humble authenticity of local food found in the Pearl of the Orient, PSFF is a two-day festival bringing the best of Penang’s gastronomic offerings, shining the spotlight on classic Penang street food available throughout the state, all under one roof. The inaugural PSFF 2017 welcomed some 270,000 food lovers.

In 2018, PIFF managed to attract some 705,000 festival goers while PSFF managed to draw in 227,000 visitors, a testament to Penang’s status as the Food Paradise of Asia. In a landmark move to create a large-scale event with the least possible impact on the environment, PSFF goes green, urging visitors to bring along reusable bags, tiffin boxes, reusable straws and cutlery.

Covered extensively by The Star, New Straits Times, The Sun Daily and other various news outlets, PIFF is growing from strength to strength, bringing Penang to the forefront of the culinary scene.

But enough about us–let’s talk about you. PIFF is designed with you, our food lover, in mind. We have intensified our efforts to bring you world‐class food festivals through major events, mini festivals, food trails, competitions, dining experiences, and sharing sessions. We hope to enrich your cultural and dining experience for many more years to come.

Available at unique locations such as bustling market, narrow back lanes, aboard a ferry, an old bus depot, and other distinctive venues, let us take you on a journey to discover the sizzling unique sights, tastes, sounds and aroma Penang has to offer.

To put things simply, PSFF is part of PIFF. April is PIFF. September is PSFF.

So, don’t make plans for dinner (and maybe lunch and tea break) during PIFF and PSFF. Come hungry and savour Penang in every bite with us.